Will Vivo V7 have a 24MP front camera?

Word is out on the streets that Vivo, a young leading global smartphone brand, will, very soon, launch a new offering. With the recent success of the Vivo V7+ which could be attributed to the phone’s powerful features, will the new Vivo phone be carrying a revolutionary 24MP clearer selfie camera?

True to its mission of giving its clients an enhanced selfie-centric experience, it is an unspoken promise that Vivo will continuously focus on providing clearer selfies and a great visual experience. Similar to the V7+, the V7 will most likely deliver similar topnotch capabilities as the V7+’s all screen display and 24MP clearer selfie camera, a surefire hit among the selfie-obsessed crowd.
Stay tuned as Vivo again wows the smartphone and technology enthusiasts with another top-of-the-line smartphone to make selfie-centric experience a winner.

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